What is the Art of Allowing?


The law of attraction invites us to put practices into place that will draw our deepest desires to us. There are actions we can take to make this happen more quickly and easily. But a part of the law of attraction that some people overlook is the art of allowing – going with the flow of energy the Universe provides to manifest our dreams into reality.


The art of allowing requires us to surrender to the will of the Universe. This is a real challenge for most of us who live in a world that rewards hard work and constant planning. When people learn about the law of attraction, they often start working harder, longer and faster to try and reach their goal. That is what they have been taught to do – when you want to reach a goal, you have to work hard to obtain it. But the art of allowing says that is the opposite of what will attract our dreams.


Instead of struggling harder, the art of allowing shows us that we should surrender the struggle. Instead, we should go with the flow, chill out, ride the wave. When the art of allowing is explained, some people assume that this is the lazy way out. Surely gaining access to what one wants more than anything is going to require due diligence and fighting against anything that stands in the way. But the Universe rewards those who allow It to do the hard work for them.


When a man is drowning, he usually fights the water, thrashing around trying to keep his head above the water. After a while, he becomes exhausted and can no longer fight. But the art of allowing is like a man who is drowning who suddenly realizes all he has to do to survive is to relax and float. This man saves his energies. This metaphor explains how we typically go about trying to grab onto what we want instead of allowing the Universe to bring it to us.


Now, the art of allowing doesn’t mean that there will be nothing for us to do. We will need to take inspired action. But the focus here is on “inspired.” Instead of constantly working, doing anything we can think of that might help us get what we want, we do only the tasks that we feel in our gut. It’s following up on an unexpected piece of information. Reading a book that is recommended to you. Setting up a job interview you overheard about. When an action comes to your awareness and you feel inspired to do it, you do it. This is the Universe guiding your desires right into your grasp.


The art of allowing is a simple concept but isn’t easy to apply to daily life. But with awareness and practice, you can manifest amazing things into your life by using the art of allowing.

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