Self-Care Isn’t Actually Selfish

You might have noticed that self-care is considered a negative or selfish thing by much of society. You might even feel a little resistance while trying to take care of yourself more. Our society was raised on working hard and helping others before you can help yourself. Self-care is more of a reward for working Read more about Self-Care Isn’t Actually Selfish[…]

Create A Self-Care Survival Kit

A self-care survival kit is a personalised box of fun that you can turn to in your hour of need. A lot of us can relate to running out of steam, feeling ill, fatigued and lacking energy to do the things we usually enjoy doing. When you are feeling sad, stressed, anxious, or just in Read more about Create A Self-Care Survival Kit[…]

How A Little Self-Care Can Improve Your Attitude

A little self-care can go a long way toward improving your attitude. Adjusting your attitude can easily make a bad day turn into a great day. As the popular saying goes “attitudes are contagious”. It’s best to do everything you need to do to be positive in life. That way when you are around your Read more about How A Little Self-Care Can Improve Your Attitude[…]

Simple Self-Care Tips And Ideas

Self-care is a very broad term and can honestly mean different things to different people.  To one person it can be about doing anything that is fun and exciting but to the next person it is about being quiet and fully relaxed in the moment and even then, someone else might think it’s a combination Read more about Simple Self-Care Tips And Ideas[…]

Why Is Self-Care Important?

  Self-care is simply doing the things you like to do that helps you feel happy and healthy. There really is no limit to what self-care is because it’s all about what you like doing for yourself and your personality that makes you a feel healthier, emotionally, mentally and physically. Don’t do things you think Read more about Why Is Self-Care Important?[…]

Pushing Out of Your Comfort Zone

What does it truly mean to push outside your comfort zone? You hear the term used often enough. But, do people who say it give you any insight on how to do it? It’s not as difficult to do when you focus on what it means. The first step is to know what your comfort Read more about Pushing Out of Your Comfort Zone[…]

The Connection Between Purpose and Happiness

When we start to make a difference and live a purpose driven life, something amazing happens. We become happier and more fulfilled. I’m sure you’ve experienced this. It doesn’t have to be anything big like going on a year-long mission trip or setting out to cure the world of cancer. Even small gestures that make Read more about The Connection Between Purpose and Happiness[…]

What Is Your Purpose?

The first step on this journey towards living with purpose is deciding that it is worth putting some of your time and energy into. I hope the first two days of this series have convinced you of that. The next step is to figure out what exactly your purpose in life is. It’s a pretty Read more about What Is Your Purpose?[…]