Is Mental Clutter Adding To Your Anxiety?

Let’s talk about mental clutter and the negative effect it can have on how anxious you feel. By becoming aware of what it is, and using a simple but effective strategy to “de-clutter” our mind, we can reduce anxiety in yet another way. In other words, I want to share another tool with you today that you can add to your toolbox for dealing with anxiety. […]

3 Simple, Daily Habits Proven To Reduce Worry

Today we are going to look at 3 simple, daily practises that are proven to reduce the time you spend worrying which frees up time for you to focus on the changes you want to make in your life.   “All the time your are worrying, you are wilting”   1. Write it down Research Read more about 3 Simple, Daily Habits Proven To Reduce Worry[…]