Stop Letting Fear Of The Unknown Keep You Stagnant

Embracing Change

Something that humans enjoy is having control – we would do just about anything to prevent that terrible feeling of uncertainty… but in life, it’s unavoidable. At times, uncertainty isn’t just unsettling, it’s crippling. However, it’s vital for growth and when you find yourself faced with a change or period in your life that is challenging you can ask yourself what lesson is in it.


Increasing Your Emotional Awareness

For those on the outside looking in, I appear to be together, in control and able to get through any challenge. I achieve most of what I set out to do (mainly because I am stubborn and do not like the feeling of defeat.) “I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions. Read more about Increasing Your Emotional Awareness[…]

What’s Wrong with Imperfection, Anyway?

Imagine if we were all perfect. We would do the right things all the time. We would all be rich or at least have what we need. We would all look the same. We would all know how to play the piano or be great at football. We would all excel at the same subjects Read more about What’s Wrong with Imperfection, Anyway?[…]

What is Emotion Dysregulation?

Gaining control of your emotions means knowing what it looks like to not be able to control your emotions. Many of us have experienced this in our own lives already. Sometimes these behaviours show up as crying at the worst time or feeling angry or reactive for no apparent reason. Or maybe it manifests itself Read more about What is Emotion Dysregulation?[…]

The Benefits of Not Caring So Much

  It’s healthy to listen to some people’s opinions. There are people in our lives who we can trust to tell us like it is if we tell them our plans, hopes, and dreams. But we often listen to what other random people think as much or more than those trusted advisors. If you’ve ever Read more about The Benefits of Not Caring So Much[…]

Have Compassion for Your Own Failures

If you don’t fail at something, it probably means you haven’t tried. Either that, or you chose something that was too easy to accomplish, and you got it right first time. If you continually look for the easy way, you may not be living up to your full potential. Eventually, you are going to be Read more about Have Compassion for Your Own Failures[…]

5 Steps to Stop People Pleasing

Although enjoying helping the next person is a great trait to have, it should not cause you grief or misery. Here are some ways to stop people pleasing.   Set Boundaries People pleasing is when you always go out of your way to satisfy someone else, at the expense of your own happiness. When you Read more about 5 Steps to Stop People Pleasing[…]

4 Steps to Emotional Wisdom

What is emotional wisdom? Emotional wisdom is the collective knowledge and experience that result from having lived a life of emotional diversity. You obtain emotional wisdom by learning from past mistakes and taking that which you’ve learned into the future with you. It is give-and-take – you receive the experiences and decide what serves you Read more about 4 Steps to Emotional Wisdom[…]

Don’t Go It Alone – The Value of a Support System

The old adage, “no man is an island,” certainly rings true when it comes to setting goals. Even the most strong and independent people can benefit from a bit of help along the path to success. Having a person or a tribe to lean on can make the tough journey seem so much easier to Read more about Don’t Go It Alone – The Value of a Support System[…]

All You Need Is Love

All You Need Is Love … This was a very popular song by the 1960’s super band, The Beatles. The chorus would repeat the lyrics, “All you need is love. Love is all you need.” The rock radio stations played the song well into the 1990’s, and you may hear the song on occasion today. Read more about All You Need Is Love[…]