How to quit procrastinating

In an otherwise balanced human being, procrastination is probably one of the most self-defeating behaviours there is. Put simply, procrastination is the practice of delaying activity on important tasks in order to engage in more pleasurable ones. And it can be chronic. Any sufferer of procrastination knows what it feels like to have time literally Read more about How to quit procrastinating[…]

Stop Letting Fear Of The Unknown Keep You Stagnant

Embracing Change

Something that humans enjoy is having control – we would do just about anything to prevent that terrible feeling of uncertainty… but in life, it’s unavoidable. At times, uncertainty isn’t just unsettling, it’s crippling. However, it’s vital for growth and when you find yourself faced with a change or period in your life that is challenging you can ask yourself what lesson is in it.


Conquering Fear by Controlling the Lizard Brain

Irrational fear can be crippling and will affect nearly everyone at one time or another. This fear can prevent the affected person from fully enjoying a particular experience. and even stop them from attending events or trying new things at all. This type of chronic fear is unreasonable. It robs a person of the very Read more about Conquering Fear by Controlling the Lizard Brain[…]

Is Procrastination Stopping You From Living Life To The Fullest?

Almost a quarter of the population are chronic procrastinators. It’s a serious problem, and if you’re one of those people then you have probably been wondering why the typical advice just doesn’t work for you. Having someone tell you to get on with it is a lot like telling someone who is dealing with clinical Read more about Is Procrastination Stopping You From Living Life To The Fullest?[…]

5 Tips To Stop Procrastination

Hi my name is Sam and I am a Chronic Procrastinator …. Yes, I am. Most people believe me to be quite focused and driven and yes, I am those things. I get loads of stuff done, lists for everything, I’ve always got some project on the go or course I’m studying. But, what many Read more about 5 Tips To Stop Procrastination[…]