Is Mental Clutter Adding To Your Anxiety?

Let’s talk about mental clutter and the negative effect it can have on how anxious you feel. By becoming aware of what it is, and using a simple but effective strategy to “de-clutter” our mind, we can reduce anxiety in yet another way. In other words, I want to share another tool with you today that you can add to your toolbox for dealing with anxiety. […]

What is Emotion Dysregulation?

Gaining control of your emotions means knowing what it looks like to not be able to control your emotions. Many of us have experienced this in our own lives already. Sometimes these behaviours show up as crying at the worst time or feeling angry or reactive for no apparent reason. Or maybe it manifests itself Read more about What is Emotion Dysregulation?[…]

3 Simple, Daily Habits Proven To Reduce Worry

Today we are going to look at 3 simple, daily practises that are proven to reduce the time you spend worrying which frees up time for you to focus on the changes you want to make in your life.   “All the time your are worrying, you are wilting”   1. Write it down Research Read more about 3 Simple, Daily Habits Proven To Reduce Worry[…]

4 Steps to Emotional Wisdom

What is emotional wisdom? Emotional wisdom is the collective knowledge and experience that result from having lived a life of emotional diversity. You obtain emotional wisdom by learning from past mistakes and taking that which you’ve learned into the future with you. It is give-and-take – you receive the experiences and decide what serves you Read more about 4 Steps to Emotional Wisdom[…]

Don’t Go It Alone – The Value of a Support System

The old adage, “no man is an island,” certainly rings true when it comes to setting goals. Even the most strong and independent people can benefit from a bit of help along the path to success. Having a person or a tribe to lean on can make the tough journey seem so much easier to Read more about Don’t Go It Alone – The Value of a Support System[…]

5 Tips To Stop Procrastination

Hi my name is Sam and I am a Chronic Procrastinator …. Yes, I am. Most people believe me to be quite focused and driven and yes, I am those things. I get loads of stuff done, lists for everything, I’ve always got some project on the go or course I’m studying. But, what many Read more about 5 Tips To Stop Procrastination[…]

Understanding What Gives Your Life Meaning

“The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning.” — Mitch Albom First things first. Take a few minutes to really contemplate this question… “Does your life have meaning?” Some Read more about Understanding What Gives Your Life Meaning[…]

Being Aware Of Your Own Self Worth

  “Ordinary riches can be stolen, real richescannot. In your soul are infinitely preciousthings that cannot be taken from you.”                                                — Oscar WildeThis quote is really all about self worth. In our materialistic world, it becomes very easy to look externally and simply compare what we have (and more often, what we lack) versus other people.The Read more about Being Aware Of Your Own Self Worth[…]

Relaxation and Meditation Exercises

 After a busy day of meeting deadlines, attending appointments, preparing documents, looking after family, shopping and so on, you will most certainly be looking forward to going home and relaxing. There are many ways to relax, as many ways as there are people and one method that is quite effective is meditation. How do you do it? Perhaps Read more about Relaxation and Meditation Exercises[…]