11th February 2018

About Me

Who am I

Personal Development Coach

My name is Sam and I am obsessed with personal development.


My obsession now serves me very, very well, but for many years I just collected endless amounts of personal development material, strategies, tools and techniques hoping that this alone would magically change my life. I knew I could achieve more than I was, I knew I was my own worst enemy.


My vast collection just weighed me down in the end, stagnancy remained the norm. I had all this knowledge at my finger tips but still nothing changed in my life.


I realised that it was no good “knowing” stuff if I couldn’t take action. I was fed up of being fearful, but needed it more than anything else, I had to do something. But what?!! Where do you start if everything's a mess?


Knowledge is worth nothing if you do not take action


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What we do

Support Personal Development


To get ourselves out of ruts that run deep, requires drastic action that we know we need to take but rarely do.


I provide you with personal development strategies, tool and techniques that you can use to change your own life, right now and time and time again in the future. I will draw on all of my experience and skill to support, motivate and guide you while you do the real work. Your journey from where you are now to where you want to be begins right now.


Remember: No amount of knowledge will be of any use to you unless you can apply it.


Take a look around the site, share anything that you think might benefit someone else and feel free to comment on any of the posts.

You never know, it might be just the thing that helps someone else turn their own life around! #eachonereachone

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